Payment Plans

Payment Plans Information

Students may enroll in a payment plan that is administered by an external processor. Enrollment in the payment plan will avoid the 1.5% late fee charged on account balances not paid by the due date while enrolled. Therefore, early enrollment is encouraged.

The 3 month plan will distribute the balance between 3 equal payments but must still be paid in full by the grades due date at end of semester to remain in or register for future terms. The fee for this plan is $40 charged by the third party.

Please note that a 6 month payment plan is only available to students with pre-approval and who do not intend to enroll in subsequent terms while enrolled in the plan. The fee for this plan is $65 charged by the third party. Please contact for more details on a 6 month plan and to request approval for enrollment in one.

Please have your student identification number available to enroll in a plan. The Walsh student ID is a 7 digit number beginning with 0 (it is not the student’s e-mail address).

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions below if you have any general questions.

Summer 2024
June 10th, 2024 – August 14th, 2024 July 15, 2024

Note: All plans must be paid in full by the Grading Deadline in order to remain in or register for subsequent terms. Balance Must Be Paid in Full by September 24, 2024.

How to Pay

Once the students have established the terms of their payment plan, they may set up automatic or manual payments. Students may use a credit card, debit card, or an e-check to make payments on their plan. Credit cards and debit cards will be assessed a non-refundable  convenience fee of 2.55%  by the processor. Payments may be made through Official Payments or directly through Webadvisor. Please allow 2 business days for any payment to be posted to the student’s account. A student may pay their account balance in full, at any time, and without penalty.

Late/Missed/or Returned Payment

If a payment is missed, or not processed for any reason including declined transaction or nonsufficient funds, on the dates established in the payment plan, the payment plan processor will assess a $20 non-refundable fee. Students will be allowed a one-time grace period of 10 days to make a payment on their plan. If the student misses any further payment due dates they will be automatically removed from the payment plan, charged a fee of $20 from the processor, and will be subject to monthly fees for unpaid balances in the amount of 1.5% of the balance.

A $30 NSF fee will be assessed for returned for nonsufficient funds e-checks and $30 NSF fee by Walsh College.

Registering for Classes

Please note that entering into a payment plan does not allow students to register with a past due balance, or release the financial hold on the student’s account.

To enroll in future classes, students must have their accounts paid in full by the last day of the semester the account balance was established. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the appropriate dates.

Payment Plans FAQs

Students may click here to access the payment plan site. Please have your student ID available at the time of registration. Read the terms and conditions carefully before completing the setup. Choose between a 3 or 6 month plan. Set up automatic payments through your banking account for convenient payment.

A student enrolled in a 3 month payment plan will be required to pay 3 equal installments. A student enrolled in a 6 month payment plan will be required to pay 6 equal installments. Plans may be paid-in-full at any time without penalty.

If the student’s balance changes due to financial aid, scholarships, or employee reimbursement, etc. the payment plan balance will be adjusted accordingly with-in two business days.

$40 will be charged for a 3 month payment plan and a $65 charge for a 6 month plan. These charges will be collected at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable.

No, the payment plan is only for the current semester. See above for enrollment dates.

Payments can be made online through Self-Service for Students or through the payment plan website. Accepted methods of payments: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and E-check. The payments on these plans can only be made online.

An additional 1.5% fee will be charged to your account if your monthly payment is not received as scheduled. If there is an issue with making a scheduled payment, please reach out to ACI to make changes. Walsh College will have the right to use a collection agency and/or any other legal means to collect the amount owed to the College.

Yes, students may register for any future semesters. If the balance remains unpaid by the end of the semester, students will be dropped from all future classes even if enrolled in a payment plan.

Please contact the Business Office for any Payment Plan questions by calling 248-823-1620 or emailing

Enroll in a Payment Plan

Note: Payment Plan balances must be paid in full in order to register for classes for a future semester. Students should only select the 6-month plan when not planning on attending the following semester or when graduating.