Secure your Future. Invest in Yourself.

Earning a degree or certificate should not feel like an expense or a cost. It should feel like an investment. However, as a school with deep business roots, we can definitively say that not all investments are as valuable as others. That’s why at Walsh College, we are relentlessly focused on making sure our students see value right from day one. By choosing us as your educational partner, you will reap lifelong benefits such as:

Practical and High-Quality Education

Walsh College offers a top-tier education with an emphasis on practical learning and industry relevance. Our programs are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in your chosen field, ensuring that your degree leads to a meaningful, successful career.

Employability and Career Growth

Walsh graduates have a 98% employment rate. Employers value the quality of education and the practical experience gained at Walsh, often resulting in faster career advancement and higher earning potential.

Networking and Professional Connections

Walsh College provides ample opportunities to network with peers, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals. These connections are invaluable and can open doors to internships, job placements, mentorships, and other collaborative ventures.

Specialized Programs and Expert Faculty

Over ninety percent of Walsh faculty are working professionals who bring authentic industry experience into their classrooms. With smaller class sizes, you’ll have the opportunity to truly connect and develop lifelong relationships with some of the brightest minds in business and technology today.

Lifelong Learning and Skill Development

Your Walsh College education is a foundation for lifelong learning and skill development. Beyond earning your degree or certificate, we offer continuous learning opportunities, workshops, and resources that allow you to stay updated with industry trends and advancements throughout your career.

Prestigious Alumni Network

By becoming a part of the Walsh College alumni community, you join a network of accomplished professionals across diverse industries. This network serves as a valuable resource for career guidance, job opportunities, and professional development.

Personal Fulfillment and Growth

Education is an investment not only in your professional future but also in your personal growth and fulfillment. The knowledge, experiences, and personal development you gain at Walsh College are assets that will positively impact your life and outlook for a lifetime.

Financial Aid and Support

We understand the financial considerations associated with pursuing higher education. Walsh College is committed to providing you with various financial aid options including scholarships, grants, and support services to make your educational investment fit your budget.

At Walsh College, helping our students become successful is our priority, not sports or other agendas. Our flexible course delivery options will enable you to earn your degree or certificate while seamlessly balancing home, work, and school. Course work will challenge you to think differently about problems, giving you the confidence you need to be successful no matter your career. Walsh College Faculty and staff are deeply invested in ensuring each student has a great experience that’s meaningful for them.

Walsh College’s tuition is 52% less expensive compared to the national average cost of tuition.
Source: U.S. News

Average Student Loan Debt With an Undergraduate Degree

Other Public University = $28,950
Walsh College = $16,217

Sources: CNBC and U.S. News



Bachelor’s degree holders earn 31 percent more than workers with an Associate’s degree and 74 percent more than those with just a high school diploma. Outcomes for master’s and doctoral degrees are even more favorable.

Source: Department of Education

Understanding Tuition and Fees

While other institutions make it difficult for students to understand costs, our transparent tuition and fee structure (detailed below) makes it easy. For more information be sure to visit our Cost of Attendance page.

We encourage you to explore financial aid options and scholarships to make the most of your investment. Your future is worth it, and we’re here to guide you toward a well-planned educational investment.

For financial inquiries, the Office of Finance and Accounting is here to assist, including questions on charges, payments, and account receivable issues.

The important dates and additional payment information pages can also help you stay updated on payment dates and procedures.

You may view your financial information, including your account statement and FAQs, by logging into the portal. Simply go to the Student Accounts/Billing card and click on Account Summary/Statement.



Phone: 248-823-1620

Office Hours (Troy)
Monday – Friday 9-5 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday Closed

These rates are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Trustees.

Tuition Level Rate
Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour) $596
Graduate Tuition (per credit hour) $924
Doctoral Tuition (per credit hour) $1,038

Tuition is billed at the level of the course in which you enroll. All 200-400 level courses are billed at undergraduate rates, all 500-600 level courses are billed at graduate rates, and all 700 level courses and above are billed at doctorate rates.

Transfer Student Cost & Scholarship Information

Fee Name Rate
Student Support Fee (per semester)* $175
International Student Fee (per semester)* $275
Monthly Late Payment Fee 1.5% of Balance
NSF Fee (per occurrence)** $30
Admission Application Fee $35
Doctoral Application Fee $50
Application for Graduation Fee $50
Engineering Differential Fee Kettering instructed courses (per class) $525
Fees are Non-Refundable Unless Noted Otherwise

*All courses must be dropped for the student to be eligible for a refund of these fees at 100% or 50% of the amount based on when the last course is dropped. See refund dates.

**For paper checks: Student will be notified and expected to pay the owed amount within five business days to avoid collection efforts. The check may be re-deposited only upon request by the student (if allowed by the student’s financial institution). Students who submit a non-sufficient check to register for classes (such as payment of a past due balance) will be dropped from registered courses (five business days to submit payment does not apply).

**For electronic checks: The College’s external payment processor will attempt to redeposit the electronic check. Student will be notified if both attempts fail and will be expected to pay the owed amount within five business days to avoid collection efforts. Students who submit a non-sufficient check to register for classes (such as payment of a past due balance) will be dropped from registered courses (five business days to submit payment does not apply).

Note: Convenience fees may apply dependent on payment method and purpose. See payment information webpage for further details.

Yearly Full Time Graduate Tuition

Non-Profit Private Institutions Nationally = $24,257
Non-Profit Private Institutions in Michigan = $21,500
Walsh College = $16,401

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Yearly Full Time Graduate tuition is calculated as 18 credits annually for consistency and comparison with institutions on a two-term (FA/SP/SU) calendar.


Walsh College is 32% lower than the national average

Walsh College is 23% lower than the Michigan average, as a whole

At Walsh, we know business and technology. Because of that, before we pass increased tuition rates onto our students, we uncover ways to reduce internal costs and improve operating efficiency while also striving to improve the products and services we provide for our stakeholders. This philosophy has helped us keep our tuition rates lower than state and national averages with relatively smaller tuition rate increases over the last five years than our regional counterparts.

The Value of a Walsh Degree

Explore why investing in yourself is a valuable endeavor and discover what makes a degree a worthwhile investment.