Cost of Attendance

An estimated cost of attendance is established each year in accordance with federal regulations.  The estimated cost of attendance is used when determining financial aid eligibility.

2022-2023 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The following 2022-2023 per term costs are based on full time enrollment. Full time is defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate students, 6 credit hours for graduate, grad certificate, and doctoral students.

Undergraduate $6,939 $413 $1,019 $2,155 $10,526
Graduate $5,752 $487 $509 $1,929 $8,677
Grad Certificate $5,752 $487 $509 $1,929 $8,677
Doctoral $6,256 $487 $509 $1,929 $9,181

Tuition & Fees: Undergraduate tuition is based on an estimated $562 per credit hour. Graduate and Grad Certificate tuition is based on an estimated $924 per credit hour. Doctoral tuition is based on an estimated $1,008 per credit hour. A student support fee of $175 is assessed per term. Allowances for federal loan fees are included at $20 for undergraduate and $33 for graduate and doctoral. An engineering differential fee of $500 will be applied to the three Kettering University engineering courses in the Tech MBA.

Books & Supplies: Books and supplies can vary depending on student’s course schedule. Students can reduce the cost of books by buying used books or renting their books.

Transportation: Undergraduate transportation is based on 4 on ground classes per term. Graduate, Grad Certificate and Doctoral student transportation is based on 2 on ground classes per term.

Living Allowance: The estimated living allowance above is for a student who is living with parents. The amount includes expenses such as clothing, personal hygiene, telephone, etc. For students not living with parents, the living allowance used is $5,257.

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