Choosing the institution where you plan to attend after community college can be complex. In order to successfully navigate the world of transfer credits, financial aid, and a host of other factors, you won’t want to go at it alone. You need rock-solid advice and support to help you maximize the returns on your educational investments and get you on the path to completing your degree.

Why Walsh?

At Walsh College, we believe in making your transition experience to a bachelor’s degree program as easy as possible. Not only are we nationally recognized for being a transfer-friendly school, but our friendly experts will help you find the business or technology program that’s perfect for where you want to take your career. With our exclusive Walsh Now program, you can begin taking courses with us once you have completed 36 credits at a community college.

Streamlined Transfer Process

Transitioning from your community college to Walsh has never been smoother. Declaring Walsh Now ensures that the credits you earn at your community college align perfectly with your Walsh College bachelor's degree program.

Early Admission

By declaring Walsh now, you become an official Walsh student even while you're completing your community college coursework. This early admission gives you access to Walsh resources, academic advisors, and a supportive network from day one.

Reverse Transfer

You'll start accumulating credits towards your Walsh degree immediately that you can transfer back to your community college and apply toward an associate degree. This head start accelerates your journey towards graduation and provides you with a competitive edge in your field.

Dedicated Support

Our team of dedicated enrollment specialists are committed to guiding you through your transfer process, ensuring that you make the most of your educational journey. We provide one-on-one support tailored to your unique needs.

Career Services and Networking Opportunities

Your success extends beyond the classroom, and we are committed to supporting your career aspirations. Walsh provides comprehensive career services, including resume workshops, networking events, and job placement assistance to help you launch your professional journey.

Your Path to Success Starts Here

Choosing Walsh College and declaring Walsh Now is a strategic step towards achieving your educational and career aspirations. Join us on this exciting journey, where we empower you to succeed and equip you with the tools to thrive in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

Simple Enrollment Process

We’ve made it simple to get started at Walsh College. Our enrollment team is here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and ensure a smooth transition into our amazing community. Visit our admissions page to learn more about application requirements, deadlines, and upcoming events.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t wait to declare Walsh Now. Contact our new student enrollment team to learn more about this unique opportunity and take your first step toward a successful future. Your bachelor’s degree is closer than you think, and we’re here to be your partner in helping making your dreams a reality.

FastTrack Your Education

FastTrack is an accelerated degree program that lets you earn credits for a master’s degree at the same time you earn your bachelor’s degree. Meet with a Walsh College advisor to learn more about the many opportunities our FastTrack program can provide.



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