Commencement and Graduation Information

We are excited to recognize our graduates at Walsh College’s 2024 Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, June 22, 2024, at Jimmy John’s Field. This event will take place rain or shine.

This commencement ceremony will celebrate our Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 graduates. We look forward to celebrating with you and your families.


Jimmy John’s Field
7171 Auburn Road
Utica, MI 48317

Gate Opens: 9:00 am
Ceremony Begins: 10:30 am

The ceremony typically runs between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Ticket Information

Each student will receive six guest tickets for the ceremony. Students will be notified in May when commencement tickets will be available. Additional ticket requests will not be considered until the middle of May. An email will be sent with information on how to request additional tickets.

For additional information/questions regarding commencement, please email

Honor Cord Information

Honor cords will be provided by Walsh College to eligible students the day of the ceremony. Students who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces are recognized at commencement with red, white, and blue cords.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.500 or higher will receive the following honors designations:

Grade Point Average Honors Designation Cord Color
3.900 – 4.000 Summa Cum Laude Gold
3.750 – 3.899 Magna Cum Laude Silver
3.500 – 3.749 Cum Laude White

Graduate & Doctoral Students

Master’s and doctoral degree honors graduates who participate in Commencement ceremonies will be recognized by the following honor cord color designations:

Grade Point Average Cord Color
3.900 – 4.000 Gold
3.750 – 3.899 Silver

Graduation Information

Graduation is not the same thing as commencement. Graduation is completing the requirements of your certificate or degree program. Commencement is the ceremony celebrating this completion. Students are not required to participate in the commencement ceremony to receive their diplomas. Diplomas are automatically sent after graduation audits are completed. See below for further details:

See the deadlines below and complete your Application for Graduation. The $50 application fee covers the cost of processing your audit and diploma.

Graduation Application Deadlines:

Fall:   August 1
Winter:   November 1
Spring:   February 1
Summer:   May 1

  • Your record will be audited to ensure compliance with all graduation requirements.
  • Preliminary audit results will be sent to your Walsh email account.
  • Your degree will be posted 4-6 weeks after the completion of your final semester.
  • Commencement invitations will be mailed out two months prior to a ceremony. You will only be mailed an invitation if you have a graduation application on file.

Please check My Profile in Self-Service for Students to confirm that the address we have on file is accurate. To update your address, please complete the Student Record Change Form.

Diplomas are not presented at the commencement ceremony.

  • Your diploma is automatically mailed to you 4-6 weeks after your degree is posted. If you have a financial hold on your account, this must be resolved before your diploma is mailed.
  • The date of completion on your diploma is the last day of the term that you finished your requirements-not the commencement ceremony date.
  • Diplomas list degree name (e.g. Bachelor of Business Administration) and academic honors. The academic transcript is the complete record that includes degree name, major, honors, and other designations.
  • Diplomas are prepared by our official diploma vendor, Diplomatic-the Michael Sutter Company. They will send an email to your Walsh account the day that your diploma is mailed. This email will include an eDiploma ordering option detailed below.
  • The eDiploma option is available to all graduates and provides a secure and convenient way to verify their education. The eDiploma is a signed and certified PDF of your original paper diploma. The high-resolution Adobe certified PDF file can be retrieved and shared as many times needed. A certified eDiploma assures the recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and has not been tampered with. The charge is $5.00 and you will receive it shortly after ordering. An eDiploma cannot be printed; it is a digital file only.

Diploma sizes:

  • Certificate: 7”x 9”
  • Undergraduate: 8” x 10”
  • Graduate: 8.5” x 11”
  • Doctoral: 11” x 14”

Replacement or duplicate diplomas can be ordered easily online for a $25 fee. Students can login to the online ordering site with their student ID and last name.

  • If you do not know your student ID, or you graduated before March 2005, you can click on the “Submit a Diploma Request” icon on the website above.

If your degree has not been posted yet, we can create a letter indicating that you are a candidate for graduation.

Your degree is posted to your transcript when graduation audits for the term are completed. You will know if your degree is posted by logging into the student portal and clicking on Self-Service for StudentsMy Academic Records, and Degree/Certificate Information.