High School Opportunities

Preparing you for success is at the core of a Walsh education. It’s where academic excellence, career building and a 96.7% employment rate come together to move your future forward.

Whether you prefer a small classroom environment or an online learning experience – or both – you’ll receive personal attention and mentoring from faculty members who continue to be successful leaders in their field.

How Walsh Works

Everyone transfers to Walsh! Walsh is an upper division school offering the second two years of your bachelor’s degree. Your college credits count at Walsh including credits completed through dual enrollment, early or middle college, advanced placement (AP), CLEP, and more. Complete three degrees in as little as four years – your associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree with our Fast Track program!

You have an opportunity to save over $35,000 with our transfer partnerships. Specializing in partnerships and transfer programs with colleges from all over the country for more than 50 years, with a seamless pathway to your bachelor’s degree. Walsh provides a top tier education preparing our students to immediately be an asset to any company. Become a Walsh Now student concurrently enrolling at your transfer school and Walsh.

We’re Here to Help

Our enrollment consultants are ready to help you every step of the way, from your initial inquiry until you cross the stage at commencement.

To transfer your credits and complete your business degree at Walsh, you must have completed 60 credit hours of 100-level (or higher) coursework with a “C” (2.000 GPA) or higher. These credits must include:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours of liberal arts coursework (which may include: communication, economics, art, anthropology, astronomy, English, foreign languages, geography, history, humanities, introduction to business, mathematics, career assessment, philosophy, physical education, physiology, sciences, religion, sociology, speech, or statistics).
  • At least one English composition or written communication course.
  • At least one course in intermediate algebra or a higher math course (or equivalent placement test result).

Sometimes more than one course is required to fulfill an equivalency or you could choose between courses. Contact your transfer advisor or a Walsh Admissions and Academic Advisor to have your credits evaluated. Make an appointment, attend a transfer day at your community college or an admissions event to plan your next steps.

Walsh participates in the MTA which allows you to satisfy the minimum 30 semester credit hour liberal arts requirement at a Michigan community college. As an MTA student, you must complete intermediate algebra (or a higher level mathematics course) to qualify for admission to Walsh. If you’re a student from a participating Michigan public community college, you must present a transcript bearing the “MTA Satisfied” designation.

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, you must successfully complete at least 30 credits with a “C” (2.000 GPA) in each course in the following categories:

  • One course in English Composition and a second course in English Composition or Communications.
  • One course in Mathematics—we recommend intermediate algebra or a higher level mathematics course/placement or a statistics course equivalent to QM 202.
  • Two courses in Social Sciences from two disciplines—we recommend an economics course equivalent to ECN 201 or ECN 202.
  • Two courses in Humanities and Fine Arts from two disciplines excluding studio and performance classes.
  • Two courses in Natural Sciences including one with laboratory experience from two disciplines.

Student Life
Endless opportunities to make the most of your Walsh experience. Through student life you will connect with classmates and professionals in your area of interest and be part of something great!

Walsh Now
Become a Walsh student while taking classes at your community college. Earn credits toward your bachelor’s degree and streamline your transfer process by declaring Walsh now.

FastTrack is an accelerated program letting you earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time and graduate with the skills you need to jump start your career.