Research Centers

Walsh College has four research centers: the Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions, the Center for Cyber Security Leadership, the Information Assurance Center and the Mark Solomon Tax Research Center.

Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions (CCSD)

Established by the Management Department of Walsh College, the Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions (CCSD) assists leaders in government, business and other organizations in making better decisions. Management research in “complexity, judgment and decision sciences” is occurring at the Center, for the benefit of a wide variety of federal, state and local government agencies and departments, and multinational corporations headquartered in Michigan and across the country. Other organizations of various types and sizes will also participate in the research, so that the research tools in the CCSD can be tested and further developed. This project-based Center is establishing partnerships with many organizations to conduct the research. For more information, visit:

Center for Cyber Security Leadership (CCL)

The Center for Cybersecurity Leadership (CCL) was established through collaboration between the Management and Information Technology Departments of Walsh College with strong support from business, military and government leaders.  Solving cybersecurity challenges require the concerted efforts of all stakeholders and the goal of the Center is to bring together experts from government, armed services, business and academia to examine and address cybersecurity issues and provide guidance and solutions. For more information, contact Professor Dave Schippers at 248-823-1369, or

Information Assurance Center (IAC)

The Walsh College Information Assurance Education Center provides organizations with education, information, and training in responding to cyber threats, protection, compliance, and privacy issues. Walsh College is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For more information, contact Professor Dave Schippers at 248-823-1369 or, or visit the IAC webpage to learn more information.

Mark Solomon Tax Research Center

The Mark Solomon Tax Research Center is home to the Walsh College tax library, a comprehensive tax collection with more than 5,000 tax titles and almost 3,000 tax serials for research, accessed by many local tax professionals.  The print and online collections include federal, state, and local taxation, estate planning, pension and benefits, payroll and international taxation. Students have access to primary and editorial content (including BNA tax portfolios), legislation, news and current awareness via newsletters and tax journals, and specialized treatises of various topics in taxation.  For more information, contact the Walsh College Library at 248-823-1228 and visit the Mark Solomon Tax Research Center page at