The Walsh Online Bookstore

Beginning with the Fall 2022 term, Walsh College will launch a bookstore platform where students order textbooks through a new Online Bookstore website and have textbooks delivered to their home while digital course material access is emailed. Students will be contacted once the website is live for ordering.

The Walsh Online Bookstore, powered by TextbookX, operates completely online and can be visited at Students visit the website to order online and have their textbooks shipped to their home while digital course material access is emailed. The bookstore also sells branded merchandise, course supplies, and other items.

Created in partnership with Akademos, Inc. and powered by TextbookX, the Online Bookstore simplifies the textbook process for students while providing them with a variety of physical and digital textbook formats.


The Online Bookstore offers:

  • Quick ordering process – complete your entire order in 5 minutes
  • New, used, eBook, & rental textbook formats
  • An average savings of 60% off list price on marketplace items
  • Price match guarantee on new books
  • Free shipping on retail orders over $49 (not including marketplace)
  • Option to post and sell any textbook on the website’s marketplace – you name the price
  • Ability to pay for textbooks with approved financial aid
  • School spirit merchandise like clothing, hats, and more!
  • Year-round Customer Experience with 24/7 availability at the start of every major term


Visit the website and order online at

All courses, required materials, and pricing options are displayed in a personalized, easy-to-use page when you log in with your Walsh College account.


Students who rented textbooks through Barnes & Noble College can return them through this link.

1. Log in

 2. Select textbooks 

3. Check out & Deliver

Order early to take advantage of great savings opportunities and free delivery options.


Need Help? Contact the Bookstore’s Customer Experience team:

  • Track: Check on the delivery status of your order
  • Returns: Need to return a book? Begin the return process here
  • Sell Page: Learn how to post your textbooks for sale on the Marketplace
  • FAQ: Other questions? Visit our FAQ page or check out our Help Videos


Faculty Resources:

Faculty members use the convenient web portal to submit their course materials in advance of each semester. Using this portal, faculty view the courses they will be teaching, select the materials they want to use, and see what costs would be for students. The portal also has an option to create coursepacks.

Ordering Books

Whether this is your first semester or the last before graduation, making sure you have the books you need is your key to success in any class.

Rental Return Labels

Ready to ship your rental books back? Find all you need to make sure you get them back to the right place on time.

Book Buyback

Sell your books back and get ready for the next semester.

Labels can be generated before the end of the term using the rental return link on the bookstore website. The rental return label is not available after the due date so be sure to print the label before this time. You may ship back multiple books with one label, even if they are from different orders. If you need assistance, please contact the bookstore at

When can I order my textbooks for the semester?

  • Textbooks information for the upcoming term is not available until 30 days prior to the start of class.
  • Book orders do not begin to be filled until about 15-20 days prior to the start of class.
  • The bookstore uses buyback and our rental return period to source used books for the upcoming term.
  • If you choose a used condition of a textbook and the bookstore does not have it, the order will be filled with new.

When do I need to return my rented books?

  • Rentals are due on the last day of the term. If you have a final on the last day or after, please return the book as soon as possible so we can use it for the upcoming term.
  • There is a grace period of about 3 days before charges are made.
  • Late rentals are charged a replacement fee and late fee. Once books are received only the replacement fee will be refunded.

How do I know what books I need?

  • Course material listed as required on the bookstore website are the materials that the professor has chosen as the main materials you will use in the course.
  • Recommended course materials are the materials the professor recommends for use based on your level of understanding. It is not required but deemed helpful for some. If you are unsure, please contact your professor or bookstore for further information.
  • Course materials listed as value option or package component, are course materials that are bundled or a different format to be cost effective for students.
  • With digital, value option, or package component material, you only need to order one or the other. You do not need to order both the main required book and the digital, value option, or package component for the same text.
  • If you see Cengage Unlimited as an option for you course, please be sure to order either the main required course material or the Cengage unlimited. You do not need both since the subscription comes with an ebook.


  • If you are using financial aid, be sure that you have filled out your bookstore authorization form with the financial aid office before placing your order.
  • If you receive messaging that your order is on backorder you do not need to reach out to the bookstore right away for information. Backorder does not mean the book is not available but rather that the book is on order for you and should be arriving soon. If the book is not available, the bookstore will reach out to you and the professor to communicate as soon as we are notified that we are unable to obtain the book.

1 term ebook only option $69.99/term

1 term option for $119.99/term (includes access codes)

1 year option for $179.99/year (includes access codes)

  • Digital subscription for all Cengage titles for either 1 term or 1 year delivered digitally
  • Subscriptions, aside from ebook only option, comes with access code for mindtap and Cnow
  • Physical rental books can be ordered once logged into subscription account for only $7.99
  • Rentals can be highlighted but not written in and shipped back at end of term.
  • Bookstore can offer listing of all courses currently using this program or students can look on our website to see which titles are Cengage publisher titles.