Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations

Welcome to the Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations program at Walsh College. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, operational excellence is the driving force behind organizational success. Our program focuses on developing the skills and strategies needed to optimize efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance productivity across various industries. Through a comprehensive curriculum and practical experience in operational management, you’ll become a strategic decision-maker capable of building effective operational processes that drive quality, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Why Walsh?

Faculty With Real-World Experience

There’s no substitute for experience. 95% of Walsh faculty bring their real-world industry experience into the classroom . You will learn from proven business minds who have worked or are working in the roles you may see yourself in one day.

Flexible Learning Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of our students, Walsh College offers a range of flexible learning options. Whether you prefer traditional on-campus classes, online learning, or a hybrid approach, we have a solution that fits your lifestyle.

Career Services & Networking Events

Your success extends beyond the classroom, and we are committed to supporting your career aspirations. Walsh provides comprehensive career services, including resume workshops, networking events, and job placement assistance to help you launch your professional journey.

Walsh Now

Admitted students may concurrently enroll at Walsh and their transfer institution. Get a head start on your bachelor’s degree by declaring Walsh Now. Meet with a Walsh Enrollment Specialist to learn more.

Easy Transfer Process

Seamless transfer of all of your credits including courses completed through dual enrollment, early college, advanced placement, industry-specific, and more. Walsh Now admission allows you to concurrently enroll with as few as 36 credits completed!

A Network of Support

Our knowledgeable, professional staff will be there to help from your first contact to the day you graduate. With free tutoring, professional mentoring, and networking opportunities throughout the year, you’ll have the resources you need for academic and professional success.

Overview, Courses, and Graduation Requirements

Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of this program, you will acquire a diverse range of skills that are crucial for excelling in the field of operations, including:

  • Explaining the implications of business theories in achieving business goals.
  • Applying business concepts and techniques in decision-making to meet organizational goals.
  • Integrating business concepts from other business disciplines to meet organizational goals.
  • Developing communication solutions for various organizational settings and situations.
  • Acquiring information to make data-driven decisions.
  • Building effective operational processes with quality and skill maturity.

Career Outcomes

Upon completing the Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations, you’ll be equipped to take on influential roles in operational management and process optimization. Organizations across industries seek professionals who can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation in their operations. Graduates often find rewarding careers as operations managers, supply chain analysts, process improvement specialists, or production planners. Your ability to strategically manage resources, implement data-driven decisions, and build robust operational processes will position you as an invaluable asset in driving sustainable success for businesses. The Walsh College BBA in Operations is your pathway to a future where operational excellence propels organizations to new heights of achievement.

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